Things that Inspire Me

I’m inspired by the Men and Women of the Military—past and present— whose Courage, Strength, Bravery, and Sacrifice allow us to live with confidence knowing our families are safe. 

Irving K (my dad)

The first picture above is of Ludlow, Vermont looking out at Okemo Mountain.  The second picture above is of my friend while serving in Iraq in 1991.

People Who Inspire Me:

Included in this list are the Amazing Authors I  included on my "Library" page

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Authors who inspire both readers  
and other writers—My favorite Author
Cherry Adair

Amazing Authors who are
L2R/f2b Jennifer Gracen, Jeannie Moon   at your side throughout          Maggie Van Well
                       and Meara Platt                    the entire journey

Writing Friends along for the adventure in New Orleans

Friends whom are like family...stuck with you!                Spending time with Family

  The Beach                                                              The Mountains

   The Awe of Mother Nature   
  A White-out

People, Organizations & Places That Inspire Me: please note these are based on my personal opinions

Writing Organizations


All Around Great Organizations
Real Warriors
Adaptive Sports
When Our Troops Come Home (PTSD)
Homes For Our Troops
The Soldiers Project

Included in this list are the Awesome Organization I included on my "Places to Visit—Military" page

Inspiring Blogs
Powerful Peace
Living With PTSD and TBI An Army Wife's POV
PTSD Survivor Daily

Inspiring Videos
PTSD Where There is Hope There is Help
Still In The Fight - Mike Corrado
When You Come Home-Military Tribute
Prodigal Son's Prayer